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Making Money with Music

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Show Me What Money?

When I was a young teen Rocker back in the day I never thought about money or making much of it through music. Sure, my buddies and I considered being on huge stages and what it would mean to be famous, but the money wasn’t part of the quest. It was just assumed that end of the game would take care of itself. We didn’t think about transportation fuel costs, clothes or costumes. We only thought about having good amps, guitars and drums…sorry, no Tuba players were in the band!

Money At The Door

We did a lot of assuming back in those days and often there would be some trusted school mate who would as they say ” run the door “. The band would charge a cover, maybe a buck or two and the patrons would get some goofy looking stamp on their hands. Lots of times the  dance club floors were packed but at the end of the night for some reason there was only about thirty-five dollars in the shoe-box. How could this be? Well ” we had to let so-and-so in because she was hot, this other guy had no money but had to impress his girlfriend , the drummer’s cousin “. And so it was that nothing ever got written down. The band was going in the hole with every gig we played. Still, we unpacked the gear in the studio and rehearsed again and again like nothing concerned us about the money, or the lack thereof.

Make some real  money  or get a real job!

While you’re still living at home and borrowing from your relatives, as an artist or musician sooner or later something will have to give. Dreams sometimes get interrupted by reality and one finds him or herself filling out application for either a job or financial assistance, and it ain’t pretty! Money is one of those things that sooner or later we have to come to grips with and we need to start earning it fast!  Nothing like the news that a baby is coming soon to make some of us wake up!

The Band Is Breaking Up!

Jimmy quit, Jody got married….Hmmm, where did I hear that? Oh yeah, thank you Brian Adams! It’s true. So many really talented bands and groups break up because of financial problems  but you know what? These bands  had the best of intentions to get it together, write world-changing songs and be famous. They just didn’t have any money! They didn’t have a plan. Heck, they didn’t  even have a dedicated spiral notebook and a marking pen to write down how many patrons came in the door at the gig! They just ” assumed ” that everything would be alright, but it wouldn’t be without a plan.

Now back in those days we didn’t have Internet or social networking or a WordPress blog, websites or anything. It was all done by meeting in person or talking on a telephone. There were record companies in Los Angeles and  Nashville, That’s where the studios were and if you were going to get into the action you had to be there or New York City, maybe Toronto or London. That’s where the money was and you had to have a record deal. The mp3 and the iTunes hadn’t come about yet and it would be decades before they did.  But when it happened, money came trickling in from all kinds of new and exciting streams. Oh yes there are many ways for musicians and bands to make money today. Some that we’ve never even thought of but it’s right here under our noses! In the next part of my story, we will delve into new ways that money is being made in the music industry and that virtually anyone, any young new band in the world can make tons of  it!

Bruce J Maier / publisher


Damn Good Tunes rebuild

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Dear friends,  fans and co-bloggers here on Word-Press;

It is my pleasure to announce that has had a  major face-lift and has a better layout with easier navigation. We’ve learned a lot since 2007 when we started on this mission – how to be a  totally self-contained business entity without hiring a professional webmaster or SEO companies who would promise to drive traffic to us….all for a tidy some of cash we didn’t have to spend.

So cruise on by and take a look at the all new today!

Bruce Maier/ publisher


Michael Grimm

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Seasoned guitarist and lead-vocalist with eleven years experience on the Las Vegas strip, Michael Grimm had been playing six nights a week in some of the finest Hotels and Casinos such as Ceasars’ Palace. Although seldom mentioned while vying for the title in America’s Got Talent, Michael actually had been a professional musician / entertainer since he was just twelve years old, playing in bars and clubs in his hometown and neighboring communities. He auditioned for the show in 2009 and didn’t get very far but he was determined and coaxed by family and friends to give it another shot in 2010. And we are grateful that he did just that, for Michael Grimm stepped onto that stage with just an acoustic guitar and, perched upon a bar stool sang a rendition of the classic “ You Don’t Know Me “ made famous by artists such as Eddy Arnold and Ray Charles. The entire audience was on their feet when the lights went back up and all three judges were completely blown away, oozing rivers of compliments to a misty-eyed Michael Grimm. Instantly, Michael won the hearts of millions of viewers who would remain glued to their seats with their voting hands on their smart-phones, ready to propel him within a matter of weeks to the top, which incidentally made Grimm one million dollars richer! This summer I was fortunate to spend part of an afternoon over the phone with Michael, and in a laid-back fashion he and I just talked about music, guitars, show-biz and life as though we’d known each other for half our lives.

Here is an excerpt from that discussion where we discuss his friendship with the legendary Bill Medley of the Righteous Brothers:

Damn Good Tunes:  Now you’ve also done extensive work with Bill Medley, who of course is famous in his solo career but as one-half of the Righteous Brothers. Tell me what it’s like to work with him and further, to hang out with Bill. I mean he’s got more fire and passion in one little finger than some people have in their entire bodies!
Michael Grimm: Man, I will tell you what; I admire that about Bill. He’s a big supporter of younger generation music. His daughter, McKenna Medley is a great singer-songwriter herself. I was playing at the Big Apple lounge at New York NY and Bill came out there with his wife, son and daughter to see me play about five years ago. That night he sat in with the band and I have just become very close with Bill and his family. Prior to that night he called me one day out of the blue and said hey Mike, this is Bill Medley. At that point I really didn’t put two and two together and just thought it was some other guy from town. I didn’t really hear Medley and you know, it’s not every day you get a call from Bill Medley. And he says “I like your song and I’d like to record it and I’d like to meet up with you. You sound good kid! “. I’ve just become well acquainted with him since then and been to his houses many times in Newport and in Branson and I’ve worked with his band. He’s been quite an inspiration to me and he’s always calling, finding out what I’m doing and what he can do for me. Bill is just a one-of-a-kind guy.
Damn Good Tunes: That’s so good to hear Michael because I’ve been a fan of his and of course Bobby Hatfield all my life. It was a sad day when Bobby passed away in 2003, but it’s great that Bill has been able to keep it going, keeping it fresh and creative. He’s a real jewel.
Michael Grimm: He just won’t stop and he holds honor to Bobby I’ll tell you what. There’s been a lot of people who have been coming at him wanting to know stories and make movies about the Righteous Brothers, but Bill is sticking to his guns honoring Bobby. He really loved him a lot you know.



Music Reviews

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Would you like to be featured in Just ask us. Write to:

Derek prepared for SXSW

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Many of you are following Derek Sivers and know of his presentation at SXSW. For those who were not in attendance Derek says that it took over 60 hours of prep time for his presentation. Some of you gave short videos where you talked about the value of music conferences, and what you might have learned or gain from them- as requested by Derek a couple weeks back. Out the the 60+ he was only able to use around 20 of them and there was a lot of editing he had to do. I’ll just bet he was great up on that stage and shared a lot of powerful information.Once again, Mr Sivers is out there making a difference for musicians and artists around the globe! We’ll let you know as soon as we have more info from Derek’s experience at the 2010 SXSW. Artist of the Month

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I would like to invite you all to read our long-awaited interview with amazing Croatian guitarist, songwriter Dario Plevnik. His music is powerful, yet subtle and he invites you inside the world of a beautiful country, once war-torn and now thriving with art, music and an incredible folk-life.

The DGT goes live on the blog!

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