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ROCK IT Needs you!

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Our project, ROCK IT – The David Shriver Tribute song and short documentary film really needs your support. For us to attain the goals and timelines and for the world to see and hear this story of an amazing musician and his life, we need this fund drive to be successful. Thankfully much of the work is being done gratis, so we have been able to eliminate tens of thousands of needed dollars but even after trimming the budget the most possible, we still need help. Please check out the video and read up on this very worthy project.


James Dean Fisher

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A couple weeks back we told you about Mr Fisher joining our staff and working with Editor, Eric Normand. Today in the DGT, you can get to know James a little starting off on the Home Page ” Music City Is My Home “.Our own James Dean

James actually has resided in Nashville for over thirty years and has some pretty “darn good” workingman’s insights about life around Music City. He knows what it takes to be there and live a good life. James pulls no punches and tells it like it is. That’s what we like about him. Check him out today!