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Making Money with Music

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Show Me What Money?

When I was a young teen Rocker back in the day I never thought about money or making much of it through music. Sure, my buddies and I considered being on huge stages and what it would mean to be famous, but the money wasn’t part of the quest. It was just assumed that end of the game would take care of itself. We didn’t think about transportation fuel costs, clothes or costumes. We only thought about having good amps, guitars and drums…sorry, no Tuba players were in the band!

Money At The Door

We did a lot of assuming back in those days and often there would be some trusted school mate who would as they say ” run the door “. The band would charge a cover, maybe a buck or two and the patrons would get some goofy looking stamp on their hands. Lots of times the  dance club floors were packed but at the end of the night for some reason there was only about thirty-five dollars in the shoe-box. How could this be? Well ” we had to let so-and-so in because she was hot, this other guy had no money but had to impress his girlfriend , the drummer’s cousin “. And so it was that nothing ever got written down. The band was going in the hole with every gig we played. Still, we unpacked the gear in the studio and rehearsed again and again like nothing concerned us about the money, or the lack thereof.

Make some real  money  or get a real job!

While you’re still living at home and borrowing from your relatives, as an artist or musician sooner or later something will have to give. Dreams sometimes get interrupted by reality and one finds him or herself filling out application for either a job or financial assistance, and it ain’t pretty! Money is one of those things that sooner or later we have to come to grips with and we need to start earning it fast!  Nothing like the news that a baby is coming soon to make some of us wake up!

The Band Is Breaking Up!

Jimmy quit, Jody got married….Hmmm, where did I hear that? Oh yeah, thank you Brian Adams! It’s true. So many really talented bands and groups break up because of financial problems  but you know what? These bands  had the best of intentions to get it together, write world-changing songs and be famous. They just didn’t have any money! They didn’t have a plan. Heck, they didn’t  even have a dedicated spiral notebook and a marking pen to write down how many patrons came in the door at the gig! They just ” assumed ” that everything would be alright, but it wouldn’t be without a plan.

Now back in those days we didn’t have Internet or social networking or a WordPress blog, websites or anything. It was all done by meeting in person or talking on a telephone. There were record companies in Los Angeles and  Nashville, That’s where the studios were and if you were going to get into the action you had to be there or New York City, maybe Toronto or London. That’s where the money was and you had to have a record deal. The mp3 and the iTunes hadn’t come about yet and it would be decades before they did.  But when it happened, money came trickling in from all kinds of new and exciting streams. Oh yes there are many ways for musicians and bands to make money today. Some that we’ve never even thought of but it’s right here under our noses! In the next part of my story, we will delve into new ways that money is being made in the music industry and that virtually anyone, any young new band in the world can make tons of  it!

Bruce J Maier / publisher


ROCK IT Needs you!

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Our project, ROCK IT – The David Shriver Tribute song and short documentary film really needs your support. For us to attain the goals and timelines and for the world to see and hear this story of an amazing musician and his life, we need this fund drive to be successful. Thankfully much of the work is being done gratis, so we have been able to eliminate tens of thousands of needed dollars but even after trimming the budget the most possible, we still need help. Please check out the video and read up on this very worthy project.

The (New) Greatest Hard Rock Band ever?

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Is is possible that there is any room left for the invention of heavy metal music? Hasn’t it all been done before,the loud amps, the long hair and goth-looks and the demonistic vocals spewing out the ashes of lyrical darkness? Answer; yes, thousands of times but not in the case of Washington States own Severed Few who have created their own firestorm of original hard rock!

I was called by our metal and alternative rock writer, Firelyn to come to a rehearsal last week and to meet the members of Severed Few. I was offered noise-cancelling headphones when I got to the studio out of courtesy however, I didnt wear them. A few days later the band asked me to come to a club where they would be playing and to record their show and that’s what we did last evening in a place called Rumors in Chehalis Washington.

As we have mentioned before the Interstate-5 corridor between Portland Oregon and Seattle Washington is becoming the hot-bed mecca for music on the west coast of the USA. Little cities along the way have as much great music and artists as you will find in Nashville, Austin, Memphis, Paris or London. The world at large is looking at this melting pot of art and music and it’s on the bucket lists of millions the world over to come experience the artistry of the Pacific Northwest. Severed Few exhibits this culture, the drive for independence and the recognition of achievement in every note they shred.

If it were only gauged on the observations of the audience at Rumors all bobbing their heads, screaming out hell yeah (or other expletives ) and cheering after every song, one would think there’s really something going on. But that is not what impresses this writer, for I am that critique-based guitar player musician with an ear. An ear that sometimes I wish I didn’t have, for I can hear every note, every rest, every beat and I know what is right or wrong about the music I listen to. Severed Few have actually blown me away and set me back on my throne of self-inflicted psuedo-smartness. These guys are absolutely a phenomenon! Now to qualify this lets just say that I have lived long enough to have been ten feet from Jimi Hindrix and his wall of Marshall amps. If that doesn’t impress you in the least, go read someone’s blog about cooking squash because I tell you, this band, Severed Few is history in the making! Ten years from now my grand-kids will still be talking about this band because like great bands and songwriters of the past which I predicted their longevity in the music industry like Guns@ Roses, Def Leopard, Aerosmith and into the solos like Billy Joel, Elton John and Stevie Ray Vaughn, I have seldom been wrong. If that sounds arrogant please excuse me. ( How’s the squash reading coming along? Oh, you’re still with me? ) Point of all this is that I believe, as I told Firelyn last night outside of Rumors, history was being made this night.

With their matching black T’s with  gothic red lettering worn by the band and their entourage , Severed Few took the stage first raising their glasses of preferred quenchment, and proposed a toast to the audience  involving them in the experience form the first moment. And until the last note that was played, the audience never abandoned them. They rode the sound waves like cosmic surfers into the shores of energy and bliss as the Severed Few rocked out, kicked ass and took names!

As a musician myself, I love the Severed Few’s sense of dynamics and rhythm. They have  unique system of mathematically correct stops and starts interspersed throughout their songs that leave little voids in al the right places, like anti–matter. I have never seen anything like it. Then the vocals shared by Danny and Rob are unbelievable. This aint the Everly Brothers folks by anyone’s view, but something that has never happened quite like this. And the drive of the guitars against the drums all done in counterpoint with the vocal chops is nothing short of genius, not just typical shredding and noise that makes no sense or purpose like so  many of the thousands of metal bands today.

So what is it that makes an artist or a band so special and gives them that special something that will hold and build fans for decades, such as is the case with Metallica or even Paul McCartney or Madonna? Originality. Simply put, it’s something that separates the artist of his or her genre away from all peers to which they are judged. A sound, a look, an identifiable trait or characteristic. Severed Few meets the above criteria then and has all the qualities of a world class act / artist which will be around for many good years.

In conclusion this writer believes that  the spirit of the innovators of rock such as Jimi Hindrix, Cream, Santana, Led Zeppelin, AC DC ( to name a few ) is still alive and well in this world. It hasn’t all been done before. It just doesn’t have to end that way. Art is always growing and changing and so should music and although many of us learn to paint our pictures and create our tunes in “safe” mode, there are still a few out there who are unafraid to blaze a new trail of their own, although cutoff from the safety of the herd, the Severed Few.

For more on the band, Severed Few, read Firelyn’s article in this week and be watching for the release of the upcoming EP from Severed Few.


James Dean Fisher

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A couple weeks back we told you about Mr Fisher joining our staff and working with Editor, Eric Normand. Today in the DGT, you can get to know James a little starting off on the Home Page ” Music City Is My Home “.Our own James Dean

James actually has resided in Nashville for over thirty years and has some pretty “darn good” workingman’s insights about life around Music City. He knows what it takes to be there and live a good life. James pulls no punches and tells it like it is. That’s what we like about him. Check him out today!