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Kal David & Miss Lauri Bono

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2015 DamnGoodTunes Artist Of The Year

kaldavidandlauribonoweb2015Photo by Tom Bombria

We don’t give away a lot of awards here at DGT. This is due to the fact that we talk to hundreds of artists every year and we try to remain un-biased even if we really dig someone’s work.  But each year a few are so outstanding that we just can’t ignore their contribution to music and to the arts. And for that reason, Kal David, with Miss Lauri Bono with their totally insane smash album, “Living The Dream” become our Top Artist(s) of the entire year! 

To say that Kal David is just a great Blues Guitarist would be a shame, although he is. But then again other Blues guitarists don’t even come close to the wide range of his styles, the colors on his palette if you will.  A short while after the fuzzy glow of the British Invasion had subsided a bit, and being a guitar player myself I immediately started listening to BB King, Muddy and one particular English fellow named John Mayall and his band, the Blues Breakers as I was seeking a higher meaning and more depth, feeling, and that elusive element known as “soul “.  The Blues Breakers were home to many great guitar players including Jimi Page and Eric Clapton and one very young and talented Kal David, who was with the band touring and making records for some three years.  Knowing that tidbit of history will make most reviewers pen a pretty convincing argument that Mr. David is indeed a fine and experienced Blues Guitarist, which as I said earlier –  he is. But they’d miss his depth and the mark by a mile!

Kal David is a singer. He is a true vocalist, a professional with way above average vocal chops to be called a Blues singer. Few of the known men and women in the Blues really have much of a great voice at all with certain exceptions. And if asked, they would probably never dispute that claim either. For example, the now very rich and famous icon of Blues-Pop, Sir Eric Clapton who came from the same school of knocks “across the pond “as most of the American Blues legends had done and had to fight his own long battle upward to stardom, but when you talk to people that you think should know their music, they just go on about the old days of Cream and Yardbirds with no talk of the great songs he wrote and sang and earned Grammys on. He too was passed over as a singer by the critics and the media but I’ve always disagreed with that nonsense. Same is true for Kal David, as when I talked to many of my Blues connections and they speak  about his guitar playing, saying how great he was on the guitar years back with little mention about his singing and original songs. Now though, I have re-discovered just what a total “all-around “musician he is and I feel he deserves all the same respect as Sir Eric is accustomed to. And I know that’s a big pill to swallow for some of you but it is this writers’ opinion that the world is about to wake up to a living legend of music, not just the Blues. And then, this is where the road starts to really divide and get interesting….

Miss Lauri Bono, music partner for many years to Mr. David is fully featured in this new record of theirs called “ Living The Dream “ and she is one of the most dynamic and amazing female vocalists I’ve heard in decades!  You know how it is, with all these reality Talent shows on TV these days, with  the seasonal new crop and even some old bloods who come on to compete with their trademark vocal “ gymnastics.  These are the girls who sing a hundred notes a measure just to show that they heard Aretha records and they have something to prove, never knowing that as in the guitar like Kal knows how to play, less is always more.  Lauri sings in a way that she can sound like soft velvet or turn on the gravel and guts – raising the old goose bumps on your arm and then, she pulls you right back into another soft passage of her angelic flute-like whispers of melody and you just say whoa…..and it’s like something spiritual just happened in front of the whole church-audience….yep, someone got saved! Now I don’t know a great deal about Miss Lauri and her own up-bringing or where she studied music but I know it is a gift. A gift that she has chosen to share with Kal David as they traverse the globe making records playing concerts, television shows and major VIP events.  Most acts that consist of two great singers will usually take turns in the spot light but rarely an act like Peaches and Herb, Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway, Barry Gibb and Barbara Streisand – all seventies legends I might add – comes along and makes music history together singing as a real duet. Music, at least Pop and Country music has for the most part missed this element of the male-female duets and the power of two to tell a story.  It worked well for Kenny and Dolly on “Islands In The Stream” and also Lionel and Diana with their “Endless Love “, but producers seem to focus differently these days on developing one icon at a time, one song of the week and one flavor of the month than to foster and market the passion and the power of a duet, as evidenced in this incredible new record by Kal David and Lauri Bono and released on Crytone Records.

We’ve been blessed with this( magazine because of all the amazing talent and rising stars we’ve been able to meet, interview and review. And there have been hundreds of talented bands and singer-songwriters!  There have been Blues artists who are really great at what they do and some of them were already major stars when we met them, and many were on their way to the top but not one of them were anywhere like or on the level of Kal David and Miss Lauri here on their brand new record, “ Living The Dream “ . There’s something so very special about the chemistry between the notes. You can’t just say “Oh Kal is the star here and write a review about him because they are a TEAM. And a team works synergistically toward the greater good of the total performance, the compete record. The members of the team don’t think they are better than the other; they co-exist because of and for each other. Perfect Harmony.

So we give this award whole-heartedly but not lightly. Kal David and Miss Lauri Bono are the  most deserving Artists of the year but if we gave awards for best male-female vocal performance, they would win that one too! Every track of Living The Dream is great and I’ve played it over and over for a month now in my car whenever I travel, so I don’t have a favorite because they are all, forgive the pun….damn good tunes !

Bruce J Maier


CD also available on Crytone Records 


Damn Good Tunes rebuild

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Dear friends,  fans and co-bloggers here on Word-Press;

It is my pleasure to announce that has had a  major face-lift and has a better layout with easier navigation. We’ve learned a lot since 2007 when we started on this mission – how to be a  totally self-contained business entity without hiring a professional webmaster or SEO companies who would promise to drive traffic to us….all for a tidy some of cash we didn’t have to spend.

So cruise on by and take a look at the all new today!

Bruce Maier/ publisher


Jim Ritchey’s road to success in Nashville

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Jim "Jimmy " Ritchey

Jim “Jimmy ” Ritchey

Jimmy Ritchey, co-writer for Jake Owen’s “The One That Got Away” which reached Number 1 on Country Music Radio just days ago is no stranger to the airwaves. He has collaborated with and composed songs for George Strait, Mark Chesnutt, Tommy Shane Steiner and recently as producer for Greg Bates who also has the skyrocketing hit song ” I Did It For The Girl ” to his credit. 

A consummate professional musician, Jim Ritchey can play several instruments and sing quite well of course, but it is the guitar that is his first love. Playing since just a young boy Jim Ritchey was in high demand as a concert lead guitarist for countless Country acts who toured the Pacific Northwest where he spent his youth. Making a decision nearly two decades ago to pursue his dreams of Country Music, Jimmy realized there was no better place to call home than Nashville Tennessee. Since his arrival all those years ago Jimmy has traveled a hard road up to the top – wearing many hats as musician, singer, writer,  engineer and producer. He is comfortable being the type of artist who can change with every day and each opprtunity that may come his way. His clients are now becoming the ” who’s who ” of  Country Music and his services are in high demand.

But with all this success, Jim has not allowed pressure or fame to change him at the core level. I know this because this writer was fortunate to have watched Jim Ritchey grow up and become the local phenomenon who the folks in my home state, my home of Lewis County Washington came to know and admire. He was always a nice kid who got along with everyone and talked to others, especially older players with respect. He would ask how a song or guitar riff would go, say thank you and then just play it correctly the first time. Yes, he was just that good! It was really no wonder that Jimmy should go off to Music City and make it big. We all knew and expected he would do that someday but as our own James Dean Fisher of DGT who is also a resident of Nashville has pointed out, the hopes and dreams arrive daily, and many leave discouraged. It takes old fashioned determination and hard work to stick it out and get  where Jimmy is today. Anything he may own, and any status  achieved was done so with blisters on the fingers and oftentimes a lack of sleep!

When he comes home to see his family and friends you can always find him at the local Jam or benefit concert just sitting in, being one of the boys. There is never any trace of ego with Jim Ritchey on stage. He plays from the heart and damn…does he play! It can be Rock, Blues, Jazz, Country or Acoustic Folk;  he does it all tastefully as the skilled master he has become. What more of a compliment would an artist in the recording studio want than a man of Jim Ritchey’s experience into their song or album?  He’s been there out in the trenches paying his dues and learning his craft, yet Jim Ritchey never forgets the long hard road leading him to where he is today. His ability to put himself in the shoes of the singer, band or songwriter gives him an edge. An edge only someone who has actually done it all, not studied it as a science or theory from a textbook would be able to provide. And you know, the best is yet to come!

Michael Grimm

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Seasoned guitarist and lead-vocalist with eleven years experience on the Las Vegas strip, Michael Grimm had been playing six nights a week in some of the finest Hotels and Casinos such as Ceasars’ Palace. Although seldom mentioned while vying for the title in America’s Got Talent, Michael actually had been a professional musician / entertainer since he was just twelve years old, playing in bars and clubs in his hometown and neighboring communities. He auditioned for the show in 2009 and didn’t get very far but he was determined and coaxed by family and friends to give it another shot in 2010. And we are grateful that he did just that, for Michael Grimm stepped onto that stage with just an acoustic guitar and, perched upon a bar stool sang a rendition of the classic “ You Don’t Know Me “ made famous by artists such as Eddy Arnold and Ray Charles. The entire audience was on their feet when the lights went back up and all three judges were completely blown away, oozing rivers of compliments to a misty-eyed Michael Grimm. Instantly, Michael won the hearts of millions of viewers who would remain glued to their seats with their voting hands on their smart-phones, ready to propel him within a matter of weeks to the top, which incidentally made Grimm one million dollars richer! This summer I was fortunate to spend part of an afternoon over the phone with Michael, and in a laid-back fashion he and I just talked about music, guitars, show-biz and life as though we’d known each other for half our lives.

Here is an excerpt from that discussion where we discuss his friendship with the legendary Bill Medley of the Righteous Brothers:

Damn Good Tunes:  Now you’ve also done extensive work with Bill Medley, who of course is famous in his solo career but as one-half of the Righteous Brothers. Tell me what it’s like to work with him and further, to hang out with Bill. I mean he’s got more fire and passion in one little finger than some people have in their entire bodies!
Michael Grimm: Man, I will tell you what; I admire that about Bill. He’s a big supporter of younger generation music. His daughter, McKenna Medley is a great singer-songwriter herself. I was playing at the Big Apple lounge at New York NY and Bill came out there with his wife, son and daughter to see me play about five years ago. That night he sat in with the band and I have just become very close with Bill and his family. Prior to that night he called me one day out of the blue and said hey Mike, this is Bill Medley. At that point I really didn’t put two and two together and just thought it was some other guy from town. I didn’t really hear Medley and you know, it’s not every day you get a call from Bill Medley. And he says “I like your song and I’d like to record it and I’d like to meet up with you. You sound good kid! “. I’ve just become well acquainted with him since then and been to his houses many times in Newport and in Branson and I’ve worked with his band. He’s been quite an inspiration to me and he’s always calling, finding out what I’m doing and what he can do for me. Bill is just a one-of-a-kind guy.
Damn Good Tunes: That’s so good to hear Michael because I’ve been a fan of his and of course Bobby Hatfield all my life. It was a sad day when Bobby passed away in 2003, but it’s great that Bill has been able to keep it going, keeping it fresh and creative. He’s a real jewel.
Michael Grimm: He just won’t stop and he holds honor to Bobby I’ll tell you what. There’s been a lot of people who have been coming at him wanting to know stories and make movies about the Righteous Brothers, but Bill is sticking to his guns honoring Bobby. He really loved him a lot you know.



Artist Of The Month Corinne McKnight

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Young Lady with a Fresh Voice

Corinne McKnight first came to our attention a few months ago and we have been paying close attention to how she’s been developing as an artist ever since. Corinne doesn’t have a big over-trained voice and she doesn’t write songs about what’s going on in the world, our society or political views nor does she sing about the deep dark perils of love that has been lost. She doesn’t sing about the bottle or her old pickup truck either. She sings about life from the viewpoint of a young teenaged girl.  Her song  ” Boys, Boys, Boys ” just about sums it up! This writer helped raise three daughters and I think Corinne’s take on being attracted to and finding herself attractive to the boys around her is a healthy expression to one’s coming of age.

Thing is it seems that most of the kids who are recording and movie stars today are dressing and acting like they’re in their twenties and thirties. Trust me – that time will come. It can wait. So, it’s nice to hear a fresh unpretentious voice that is clearly coming from reality and the heart, and there’s just nothing wrong with that. For more on this very nice young talent, see Corinne McKnight, our Artist of the Month, as interviewed by Trinity Lost in Damn Good Tunes today!

Ready Means Ready!

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Hey everyone! It’s amazing to me that there are thousands, hundreds of thousands of new music artists out there who are ready for the big time. Keep in mind if you want to submit your act to or any of the other music web resources for a review, make sure you are ready. Ready means ” ready “. Have your presskit, websites, a CD or EP complete and be available to talk and answer some questions. We are here to help and we help all we can to obtain the press that they deserve and what we all need to gain attention and new fans around the world. So keep on writing, play on stage whenever and wherever you can and remember, it’s all about the music!


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Kicking us off into full swing is new artist discovery, Alice Evans who hails from Seattle WashingtonAlice sings of love and pain and joy and creates a soundscape of emotions while accompanying herself on the piano quite well. I was most impressed by the well-written ” TANGO ” and would love to have you all check out Alice Evans today in !